Kansas City: Gunman on run after four shot dead in bar

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Four people have been killed in a shooting at a bar in Kansas City in the US Midwestern state of Kansas.

Five other people were wounded during the incident at a members-only bar in the city centre, local police say.

The suspect, a Hispanic man, is on the run, police told BBC News. The motive for the attack is still unclear.

Shots were fired at about 01:30 (06:30 GMT) at the Tequila KC bar, when around 40 people were inside, according to a police estimate.

More than one gunman may have been involved, and it is possible the perpetrator was at the bar earlier and had returned to carry out the attack, police spokesman Thomas Tomasic said.

A handgun was used during the incident, he added, and police believe it is unlikely another attack will be carried out by the attacker or attackers.

The identities of those killed have not yet been released, but two are in their mid-20s, one is in their mid-30s and the fourth in their late 50s.

Some of the injured have been released from hospital and the others are in a stable condition, police say.

The incident comes two months after major shootings in Texas and Ohio left 44 people dead.

So far this year, the US has been hit by more than 40 mass shootings – defined since 2012 as incidents that kill at least three people.

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