The Archers' soothing 'soundscape' released as podcast

Pip Archer (HELEN MONKS), David Archer (TIMOTHY BENTINCK) and Ruth Archer (FELICITY FINCH)

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Pip, David and Ruth Archer are familiar to Radio 4 listeners

For avid Ambridge fans, Saturdays normally mean the absence of The Archers from Radio 4.

But now a “soundscape” based on the long-running soap hopes to fill the gap.

The new 10-minute podcast depicts the programme’s fictional setting on a Saturday, without its characters.

“Wind rustling through the trees” and the “gentle braying of nearby cattle” are among the noises on the special episode, available through BBC Sounds.

Rain, tractors, birds chirping and dogs barking will also be heard.

The one-off “soothing soundscape” is set on Brookfield Farm, at the gate into Marney’s Field, “on a quiet Saturday afternoon”.

The nearest listeners will get to a character is David Archer in the distance.

The soundscape follows the success on Radio 4 of Tweet Of The Day, which began as 90 seconds of birdsong.

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Only one episode of The Archers’ background noise has been made and no plans yet for others.

‘Sit back, relax’

Jeremy Howe, editor of The Archers, said: “While waiting for next episode… we invite listeners to sit back, relax and bask in the sound of Brookfield Farm on a peaceful Saturday afternoon.

“For 10 tranquil minutes just enjoy the magic of the Ambridge countryside.”

The Archers is broadcast daily from Sunday to Friday on Radio 4.

Listeners can find the soundscape podcast episode, called The Archers eavesdrops at Brookfield, on BBC Sounds.

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