Roy Chubby Brown: Cancelled Swansea gig prompts backlash

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Roy Chubby Brown’s management said the gig had been “unceremoniously cancelled”

A gig by comedian Roy Chubby Brown has been cancelled because Swansea Council said it was “unlikely to reflect our values and commitments”.

It said it was revising the Grand Theatre’s programme so would refund 52 tickets sold in advance of April’s gig.

But Brown’s management criticised the decision, saying “not everybody likes Marmite but it doesn’t mean the people that eat it are wrong”.

Hundreds of comments have been posted online, with many criticising the move.

Stephen Rees wrote: “Yes, he is crass. Yes, his language is over the line for me, but let the show go on.

“It is not for the council to make this decision.”

‘Unceremoniously cancelled’

It is not the first time the comedian has had a gig cancelled by council officials concerned about his style of humour.

But Swansea Council defended its decision, saying: “We want all our communities and staff to feel welcome and we felt this booking was unlikely to reflect our values and commitments to them.

“We recently decided that a fresh approach is essential if we are to cater for future audience needs.

“We apologise to those who may have been disappointed.”

The council’s announcement on Facebook attracted more than 500 comments, with a further 300 messages on Brown’s Facebook page after his management said the gig had been “unceremoniously cancelled”.

“Roy is one of the most popular artistes ever to appear in Swansea and the crowds love him,” they said.

“Who has made a minority decision for the majority?

“Everybody seems to be frightened, to be honest, in case they upset some militant minority soap box protagonist.

“Everybody’s got different tastes.”

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